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Traditional Walled Garden

Iris Plants

This garden was developed in phases. The owner wanted to keep the lawn with space enough for cricket and football games. The large existing pond was improved with plants and a bridge crossing over to a quiet mini-meadow with fruit trees.

The conservatory was added as a last phase in 2017. Because we knew that machinery had to come across the garden the footings for conservatory were put in during 2010 and then a gravel area was made for use as a temporary surface.

Garden Design for Walls
After. View across garden.
Walled Garden
Before. Large lawn.
Garden Design - Traditional Walled Garden
After. Lawn with planted borders.
Pond Plants
Pond edge, Rheum and Geum
Pond with new bridge

“Every time I look out into the garden, I really can’t thank you enough.”

“It’s been a lovely garden to work in and develop. The rose pergolas were designed, new beds planted and more photos to follow including the conservatory.”

Traditional Walled Garden
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