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Planting Design for Long Rural Border

Long Rural Border
Planting Design - Helenium

A planting scheme with yellows, oranges, whites, and reds as the main colours. Deep purple and red foliage contrasts with silver green fine-leaved shrubs.

In spring flowering shrubs such as Spiraea and Cytisus are in bloom slightly after tulips. Followed by Day Lilies and Echinacea, then by Crocosmia (the less invasive ones) and Helenium. Front border spaces filled with Heuchera, Iberis and Tanacetum (Feverfew Daisy) and a selection of seasonal annuals.

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Planting Plan
Lonicera Silver Beauty with Tulips
Lonicera "Silver Beauty" with Tulips
White Echinacea
White Echinacea with Day Lillies
Spiraea 'Bridal Wreath'
Long Rural Border - Euphorbia Griffithii
Euphorbia grifithii 'Fireglow'

“This position needed resilient plants because although the aspect is roughly south facing it had a persistent west wind blowing for much of the year.

The soil had not been cultivated before, so it needed some intense feeding and nurturing for the first few years, as well as removing barrow loads of stones.”

View of Long Rural Border
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