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Large Wildlife Garden

Greenspace Garden Design - Centaurea montana
Greenspace Garden Design - Geum

A magnificent Gunnera is a focal point at the wooden bridge across the pond. The pond was reshaped and access improved. Interest and colour was added with two new planted areas and native trees.

A curved path is designed to link mown access paths leading to a semi-circular seating area. Water fed from a nearby stream flows through the pond which is home to a variety of wildlife, ranging from ducks and moorhens, to frogs, newts and the very occasional Kingfisher.

Greenspace Garden Design - Wildlife garden plan
Garden design plan
Before. The pond edge
Clover and Buttercups
Greenspace Garden Design - Large Wildlife Garden - Boundary trees
Small Birch trees along a boundary
Greenspace Garden Design - Water lilies
Pond water lillies

“The lush growth of wildflowers typical on clay soil was allowed to grow in unmown swathes. The bridge was a great addition both visually and practically making a big difference to how the garden could be used by linking the two sides.”

Greenspace Garden Design - Large Wildlife Garden - Pond after
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