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Contemporary Town Garden

Contemporary Town Garden - Acer - Greenspace Garden Designer
Contemporary Town Garden - Spiral Staircase - Greenspace Garden Designer

The design includes a white cement rendered wall and warm white granite paving to reflect back as much light as possible into the garden.

This design was a real transformation from dingy (see bottom left) to desirable. It started out as a shaded area with failing grass, not helped at all by the towering carport structures either side. The spirits of this space needed lifting! The new bench was positioned to catch some morning sun and a small paved area by the house to catch a little late sun.

View of Contemporary Town Garden from the Spiral Staircase - Greenspace Garden Design
After. Paved area with built-in bench (view from staircase)
Contemporary Town Garden - Before - Greenspace Garden Design
Before. A shaded small space
Contemporary Town Garden - Carport Screen Trellis - Greenspace Garden Design
Carport screens
Contemporary Town Garden - Agapanthus - Greenspace Garden Design
Contemprary Town Garden - Greenspace Garden Design - After

“The owner wanted a garden to unwind and potter in after a busy week without having to spend too much time gardening. The spiral staircase was part of the design to link an upper decking platform above  a carport. The bespoke hardwood screens hide the car parking area, which is accessed by a sprung invisible gate”

Contemporary Town Garden - Greenspace Garden Design
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